Systems and codes of Delavier's women's strength training anatomy book
Visual essay for L. Romei as a part of "The Synsemic Approach to the Design of Information Visualization" course
Delavier's Women's Strength Training Anatomy book is a book with step-by-step instructions and anatomical illustrations.

It's a kind of book icon. It is very detailed and very popular. Illustrations from it can be found in many groups and manuals for training. But also it has a very complex coding system. And it looks a little out-of-date. So it sounds like a challenge to redesign it.
System of expression

There are three main colors in this book: green, light blue and raspberry red and also three additional colors: light yellow, grey and double light blue.

Main colors are used to divide book into parts. Green is for training programs. Light blue is for exercises. Raspberry red is for training programs for beginners. Additional colors are for rules and extra information.

There are also lots of typeface sizes, weights and styles. Sometimes it's lower-case and then it transforming to upper-case.

All together it creates a lot of visual noise and makes book very hard readable.

System of content

System of content isn't clear as well. There are lots of heads and subheads that ganerate lots of level of importance inside the book.
Human body in the book vs Leonardo Da Vincy's view

Illustrations are similar with the Leonardo Da Vincy's view. We can find the same muscle drawing style. The exception is colorful parts and direct footnotes Delavier's Women's Strength Training Anatomy book like opposite to monochrome and curvedness at Da Vincy's work.
A system of combinatorial circles

Graphics is not only a way to express a certain content or notions but also is a tool to investigate and discover new contents. That's why it's interesting to discover Delavier's Women's Strength Training Anatomy book.

Objectives: show, express, demonstrate and compare
Domain of knowledge: natural sciences
Design principles: reduction of complexity, combination of different level of abstraction, graphic demonstration.

Redesign. How it can look like an app

This book could be much more convenient in a mobile format. I took the basic colors and made a prototype of how it can look like.